My go-to for all tech support

Working with Mark has always been a pleasure. He is readily contactable and always efficient. Service is always quick and done 110%. Mark is always happy to provide advice and offer the best possible solution to any problem.

Mark is my go-to for all tech support and has even provided guidance in other areas. My business would not be where it is without his support.

Angelita Manlangit Legal Practitioner Director
Sydney Lawyers & Associates

Painstakingly resolved various network, software and internet issues

I first engaged NetRev back in 2010 to help us manage the technology needs of our surgical practice. I liked Mark’s honest and practical approach to problem solving – I could tell immediately he was very tech savvy and knowledgeable.

Initially, Mark reviewed our entire infrastructure and painstakingly resolved various network, software and internet issues – he did this effectively and quickly.

Now NetRev manages all our IT needs leaving me free to focus on the core business of running my practice. Mark is approachable and responsive and I’ve learned a great deal from watching as he breaks down complex problems into smaller, understandable parts.

IT is the lung that keeps our practice breathing and without Mark’s great IT management, our systems would fail and our practice would suffer hugely.

Dr. Peter Tsakiris CEO
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Reliable, flexible and always available when we need them

Our orthodontic practice relies heavily on technology and it’s vital that we store our patient files, clinical photos and x-rays securely.

That’s why we work with Network Revolution.

Mark and his team are reliable, flexible and always available when we need them.

Last month a disk in our server failed which put critical patient information at risk. Before we even realised there was a problem, Mark had fixed it! He secured our data and ran an alternate back up with absolutely no disruption to our day.

Working with Network Revolution gives us peace of mind.

We can relax knowing our IT management is in safe hands and that gives us more time to focus on our business. Highly recommended.

Dr. Nour Eldin Tarraf Specialist Orthodontist
Chatswood Orthodontics

Quick, efficient and extremely professional

Mark’s team provide personalised, reliable service that is quick, efficient and extremely professional. They’re always available, promptly get back to us and keep us updated. Since engaging Network Revolution we’ve had almost no downtime.

Good service and personal contact. Very helpful with any ideas or questions.

Highly recommended.

Dr. Steve Stramotas Specialist Orthodontist
Sydney Smile Specialists Randwick

They exposed some alarming flaws

I have worked with Mark Bestel over many years in various IT related categories. These include general IT advice, troubleshooting, IT support, telephony and development of business management systems.

He is level-headed, practical and importantly he does not break budgets – he offers true value for money.

We engaged NetRev initially to perform a diagnostic evaluation of our IT set up which was being handled by a far larger organisation.

They exposed some alarming flaws relating to infrastructure stability, server corruption, and backups.

We engaged NetRev to repair the situation and have been using them ever since without risk or incident.

I would have no hesitation recommending Mark for any of the above functions and would be happy to provide a verbal reference as well.

Neville Sundel Managing Director
Display Bay

They provide unobtrusive and timely service across all my technology requirements

Network Revolution was a valued partner in setting up my business and supporting its continued success. They provide unobtrusive and timely service across all my technology requirements. They have even assist me to develop IT solutions that allow me to add real value directly to my clients.

I would not hesitate to recommend NetRev to others.

Adam Keppie Managing Director
Purple Owl Consulting

Facilitated our transition to a new VoIP phone system for our office network

Our firm’s growth and reputation is grounded in the ability to deliver timely advice and well-grounded resources to our national client base. Technology has played a significant role since NeatCorp was established over 30 years ago and has grown with the development of our business providing substantial databases, market research capability, and graphic art services and over the past decade in internet–based computer engineering solutions.

About five years ago Network Revolution became an integral partner in further developing our capability to remotely deliver and expand our range of services from the installation of our in-house computer server capability, installation and upgrades of our office and graphic art studios computers and seamless integration of Smartphone and tablet equipment with minimal disruption to the efficiency and daily output of our services.

In more recent times NetRev has again guided our transformation over to an additional external server service for our online communications requirements to assist consultants to remotely operate and access our home base support services.
However, the most important test of the robustness of our systems and the support provided by NetRev was in the recent relocation of our central office to new premises virtually without disruption to the services and critical deadlines for public affairs, graphic arts, and advertising services. They facilitated our transition to a new VoIP phone system for our office network, improving efficiency and reducing monthly costs significantly. Again, possible through the knowledge and expertise of NetRev.

I would have no hesitation in recommending NetRev to any company or organisation considering the engagement of the firm’s services as it has significantly saved our group of companies from sometimes unnecessary expenditure on computer systems through their insight and knowledge of present and emerging technologies.

Phil Neat Managing Director
Neatcorp Public Affairs

He saved us in our time of IT crisis!

We started working with NetRev in May 2014. We were unhappy with our existing IT company and Mark came highly recommended.

While we were in discussion, our network was infected by a virus that affected over 100,000 of our business files.

Mark handled our malware emergency calmly and effectively – he saved us in our time of IT crisis!

Now, we have on ongoing monthly IT support contract with NetRev and we couldn’t be happier.

We find Mark to be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable and ingenious. He’s full of bright ideas and takes a smart approach to technology.

Lionel Grenier Partner
LAC Lawyers

Extremely professional and knowledgeable

Mark and his team at Network Revolution are extremely professional and knowledgeable. They assist me with all my company's IT needs, resolve my issues quickly and provide useful guidance and invaluable recommendations for improvement. Their affordable service consistently exceeds my expectations. I highly recommend Network Revolution as a quality IT provider.

Elissa Hansen CEO
CoSec Services

Their knowledge of cloud services has been invaluable

Network Revolution are a much-valued provider of IT services for us. Their knowledge of Cloud services has been invaluable. Particularly around best practice security and integration with our existing systems and processes in Azure and Office 365. Would definitely recommend giving them a call to see what they can do for you!

Nick Gadget Tennis

Very professional and always going above and beyond

Mark and Aaron have been amazing at managing our IT and phones. Very professional and always going above and beyond, even out of hours. Having worked from home due to Covid was made great by their continued support and advice regarding connectivity including valuable suggestions as to what internet alternative to use, in order to optimize the remote access experience. I would highly recommend. Absolute awesome team! You can never go wrong with NetRev!

Ann Oliveri Practice Manager
Lifestyle Orthodontics

Nothing is ever a problem and he always has the right solution

I have known and worked with Mark Bestel from Network Revolution for more than 20 years now and honestly couldn't have managed our business solutions without him. Professional, efficient and very knowledgeable in his field, nothing is ever a problem and he always has the right solution, big or small, that meets our needs. I couldn't recommend him enough.

Kylie Carr CEO
Newcastle Creative Co

Excellent outsourced support for our IT environment

Mark and the team at NetRev provide excellent outsourced support for our IT environment. I highly recommend them to other small/medium-sized businesses looking to do the same.

Nick Asscher CEO
Touchpoint Technology